The soundtrack is a found footage composition made exclusively with original sounds from the classic war movie „All Quiet on the Western Front“ by Lewis Milestone, based on the novel of the same title by Erich Maria Remarque from 1930. Sounds, such as whistling and exploding of bullets, drumfire, artillery shells, machine gunfire, knocking, silence, and drum rolls and trumpets from the opening credits. All these sound fragments are modified, transformed, digitally altered and re-arranged.
Samplings, loops, clusters and drones are commonly used elements of contemporary music. It is no wonder that the entrancing and hypnotising beat of techno music is reminiscent of military battle. Constant explosions, rythmic machine gunfire, whistling shells, slowed down trumpets and sudden silence are woven into this sound tapestry, a symphony which oscillates, in the broadest sense, between electronic music and an elegy.
Notes on the Beginning of the Short 20th Century,
Baltic Branch of the National Centre for Contempory Art, Kaliningrad, Russia

Soundtrack, 5:35 Min., mirrorball (damaged), motor, spotlight, construction site

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