Altes Licht

The Etage

The Etage - which can be translated into English either literally as "floor" or can be interpreted as a newly created word "e(lectronic) days" - presents in its programme, different works of its members. Among others the "Pask Mask Piece" by Paolo Larson or eight pewter/lead casts by Lilli Federer, displayed in the Etage exhibition "decembre, 31, 2215" from 17.07 to 24.08.2098 in Lyon. In addition the project "IDO" by Castor Lubjak and the film 'Portret' by Edgar Berg.

The Etage shows posters for exhibitions which take place in the future.
The Etage declares the notion of both linear time and manifest space a game.
It revokes them..
As artists we transcend limits and answer in our own way.

Two freely movable mirrors which reflect light endlessly. Can light tire?
Into which space does the light, which reflects back and forth endlessly, disappear?
Infinite rooms are opened and closed.
Space and time are stretched, compressed and crossed. Sight is directed to the limits.
Do objects tire?
Into which spaces do they disappear?